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Save time

You don't need to leave your home to workout or wait in the traffic.You can workout anytime you want at your own place.

keep you healthy

People who skip their workouts or don't exercise often suffer from problems obesity,depression,low self-esteem which leads to serious lifetime problems like heart attacks,diabetes&many more.With Body Fitnest you can keep yourself mentally,physically fit.

Why home workout is best ?

Only 18% of the people go to the gym regularly out of those who have opted a full year membership at the gym. Issues like not having enough time ,gym being far away from home,being slothful & most importantly feeling shy,insecure to workout in front of others stops them from going to the gym regularly.

What is BFN ?

Body Fitnest is a startup in the fitness industry which customizes fitness hubs or gym's at  your place according to the budget , room space for the people who have less time in today's world but want to remain fit and healthy.We also provide our clients with personal training and nutrition plans so that they can achieve their  body goals.

Meet Our Coaches


Certified Trainer ,X-Hyatt Employee

Vishal Guleria

Certified trainer,dietician.(Online Training )

Navdeep Singh

Certified Trainer

Choose the perfect plan or tell us your Budget, goal & we will select the stuff for you.

Rs 44,999-52,000

  • Gain (1)
    1. Olympic rod
    2. Ez curl bar
    3. Weights upto 50-100 kg
    4. Magnetic bike
    5. Adjustable dumbbells upto 80 kg.
    6. Multipurpose Bench
    7. Flooring (9x9) sqft.
    8. Yoga mat or rubber mats
    9. Mirror Posters for motivation /wooden arts.
    10. Medicine ball /Anti burst Yoga ball
    11. Weights,Dumbbells stand 12. Resistance band
  • Lean (1)
    1. Weights upto 50 kg
    2. Adjustable dumbbells upto 50 kg
    3. Elliptical bike
    4. Multipurpose bench
    5. Flooring Yoga mats
    6. Anti Burst yoga Ball
    7. Posters
    8. 6 feet rod
    9. Ez curl bar
    10. Skipping ropes
    11. Weights,dumbbells stand 12. Abs wheel roller
    13. Resistance band
    14. Mirror

Rs 84,999-99,999

  • Gain (2)
    1. Olympic rod
    2. Ez curl bar
    3. 4 Feet rod
    4. Weights upto 100 kg with 1yr guarantee
    5. Spin bike /Massager / Elliptical bike
    6. Adjustable dumbbells upto 80 kg
    7. Multipurpose Bench
    8. Adjustable Bench
    9. Squat rack
    10. Flooring
    11. Yoga mat and rubber mats 12. Mirror
    13. Wall paintings or wooden arts for motivation. 15.Weights,dumbbells stand
  • Lean (2)
    1. 6 feet rod
    2. Ez curl bar
    3. 4 Feet rod
    4. Weights upto 50 kg with 1yr guarantee
    5. Spin bike /Cross
    6. Trainer/Treadmill
    7. Adjustable dumbbells
    8. Adjustable Bench
    9. Multipurpose Bench
    10. Squat Rack
    11. Flooring
    12. Yoga mat and rubber mats/Medicine ball/Anti burst yoga ball
    13. Mirror
    14.Wall paintings or wooden arts for motivation.
    15. Weights,dumbbells stand

Rs 1,10,000-1,50,000

  • This package includes both the part i.e- gaining or lean.
    1. Olympic rod

    2. Ez curl bar

    3. 4 Feet rod 

    4. Weights upto 50-100 kg with 1yr guarantee.

    5. Spin  bike /Cross Trainer

    6. Massager/Treadmill 

    7. Adjustable dumbbells

    8. Multipurpose Bench 

    9. Multipurpose Machine

    10. Squat Rack

    11. Flooring 

    12. Yoga mat and rubber mats

    13. Mirror with designs

    14. Wall paintings or wooden arts for motivation./Wooden work in the area

    15. Multipurpose machines 

    16. Wall designs

    17. Weight,Dumbbells stand

Customers reviews

I wanted to workout but being a student,I had a limited time& i also felt insecure of my body. I contacted Body Fitnest last summer & showed them the room which was to customized.They did a great job & totally transformed the room and now i can achieve my fitness goals.
Dhruv Sharma
Being a working guy I had very less time to do anything for myself.So i wanted to shed few Kilos for a upcoming program and I came to know about Body Fitnest .I contacted them and asked for a diet plan and i am happy to tell that i have shed 7 kilos in last 45 days.
Simran Singh
I always wanted a lean body
and then few months ago I came to know about Body Fitnest .
They gave me a proper training and schedule and thanks to them that i have achieved my goal .
Ayush S.

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